The Foundation also provides other legal services

This includes registering and establishing companies and real estate.

The Foundation cooperates professionally with various international legal offices in various Arab and foreign countries.

Scope of our activities



1. All civil and commercial cases.

2. Property and real estate.

3. Administrative claims.

4. Compensation cases.

5. Securities.

6. Trade disputes.

7. Legal issues or personal status of non-Muslims in civil courts.

8. Family and legacies

9. The Corporation provides a range of integrated legal services through a good knowledge of the laws of commercial companies in the Gulf region (the institution has an international client base).

– In fact we believe in the phrase “one satisfied customer brings us three” and our results indicate us anyway.

At present our main interests are

– All civil, criminal and commercial suits and petitions for the liquidation of inheritance, legality, or civil non-Muslims.

– Contract Drafting

– International transactions and regulatory affairs.

– Banking and investment, insurance and maritime law.

– Arbitration: – The national civil and commercial law provides for commercial arbitration.

– Mediation and conciliation: – In accordance with the customs of this country, we mediate and conciliate. Lawyers often act as mediators if they are sometimes asked to act as intermediaries between parties who wish to be friendly away from the courts and shorten the parties’ time.

– Registration of companies and registration of trademarks and commercial agencies.