About the Firm

Our History

Behzad law firm is registered license no.2 law firm in Qatar, Mr. Behzad established the firm in 1982 and sets itself apart by offering high quality, innovative and experienced legal team with over 85 years of combined legal experience in the Middle East and others.

The firm have sustained its reputation as one of the leading and well experienced law firms in Qatar, providing both domestic and international legal services and covering wide areas of practice.

Along with litigation, the firm maintains a full-fledged consultation department dealing with our clients in both (Arabic and English languages)

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to be the trusted advisor to our clients, handling their most complex matters with excellence. Our main priority is to have a strong and effective means of communication with our clients, we provide a modernized means of communication and effective methods to update our clients with each legal task.

With our wide range of experience, we strongly believe in providing our clients with the most accurate solutions and pave the way into solving any dispute.

Our Associates and International Partners

We have many international partners in the region and also a member of many local and international associations such as Gulf consultations for IP.


Currently we have a total of twelve including legal counsels, lawyers and paralegals who are dedicated to provide you with exceptional legal services.